2016 Ford Mustang Online Configurator and the Future of Buying Cars

2016 Ford Mustang Online Configurator and the Future of Buying Cars

For those lovers of both Mustangs and technology, the new Mustang Online Configurator is a dream come true.

Author: ISOM/Tuesday, August 18, 2015/Categories: Mustangs

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As technology continues to steamroll its way into every aspect of our lives and people are more inclined to expect products quickly and created to their exact specifications, it comes as no surprise that the new Ford Mustang Online Configurator for the 2016 model has arrived. This technology gives the shopper the ability to have complete control over the design, options, color and features of their 2016 Mustang which gives the customer a chance to take their time and get everything exactly right before stepping into the pressure cooker that is the dealership.

At least with the online design option, a person can see how much their dream car costs with all those options and won’t be hit with any surprises at the end such as the mysterious documentation fee. Having the time to decide which features can be sacrificed and those that are imperative, all while in the privacy of your own home is invaluable and it would come as no surprise if this was how all car shopping was done in the future.

The success of websites like Cars.com has started a trend that will make it hard to go back to the old way of doing things, which one day could be compared to the way shopping for music evolved from having to buy entire compact discs to having the ability to pick and choose which songs you wanted via MP3 technology. In any case, the wheels are turning, both figuratively and literally and we look forward witnessing how technology optimizes and improves the experience of shopping for and buying a Ford Mustang.

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