The Authenticity of Window Stickers by Marti Auto Works

The Authenticity of Window Stickers by Marti Auto Works

Window Stickers designed by Marti Auto Works are such accurate replicas that they account for even the most minute of details.

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Marti Auto Works is the premier designer of replica window stickers, also known as Monroney Stickers, for Ford Mustangs (1964 ½-1986), Ford Lincoln and Mercury. Utilizing thousands of original samples for layout, text, sort order, pricing, dealer address and shipping information, each window sticker is carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, including original printing flaws and variations between assembly plants.

During the year Ford may change pricing on a vehicle so Marti Auto Works window stickers account for these changes to get an accurate price for each option based on the production date of any particular model. The correct sort order is used for all items and the Ship To address, derived from millions of original invoice examples, is identical to the address used by Ford Motor Company on the day a vehicle was manufactured.

Marti Auto Works window stickers use the correct form paper, paper weight, pin punched holes and even the perforations at the top and bottom of the window sticker. In case a different form was used for any model, Marti Auto Works can still perfectly replicate a window sticker since they have all the form layouts that were ever used. The correct one is then chosen based on production date and assembly plant.

These window stickers are an important part of a vehicles history and for many collectors and enthusiasts they represent the final touch on a lengthy and probably expensive restoration so it is important that they are indistinguishable from the original and that is exactly what Marti Auto Works achieves with each window sticker sold. Window Stickers by Marti Auto Works make a super gift for the car enthusiast in you life so order you today!

From the Marti Auto Works website...

Our window stickers are designed to be as close to the original as possible, we utilize the correct paper size and weight, the correct holes and perforations, the correct artwork design and color, the correct fonts with line print effect (where applicable), the options and prices are listed in the correct order and account for mid year pricing changes.

See how our window stickers compare to the originals...

A - Our artwork uses the correct fonts, colors and spacing. Notice how this other reproduction doesn't even use the proper case for the word "MUSTANG".
B - The fonts we use are exactly the same as the originals, including the correct width, height and spacing. Our printing reproduces the same ribbon and line printing effect as the originals.
C - Another comparison of our artwork; notice how the other reproduction uses the wrong color and the border around the marketing text. The border is too thick. Even the marketing text is incorrectly wrapped and spaced on the reproduction.
D - We use the correct "pin-punched" holes, just as the original. Reproductions use a smaller round hole and are not properly spaced. This one detail makes the lower qualtity reproductions easy to spot!

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