Ford Mustang Unveils Museum Display for the Ages

Ford Mustang Unveils Museum Display for the Ages

A Mustang which conjoins a 1965 and a 2015 Mustang is now on display at National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum.

Author: ISOM/Thursday, May 5, 2016/Categories: ISOM News, Mustangs

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Ford just unveiled something at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum that before could only be found in the dreams of Ford Mustang enthusiasts. What they created is a Mustang unlike any that has ever been seen before, and though it can’t be driven, it is sure to spark the imaginations of people for years to come.

The museum display is a Mustang that has conjoined a 1965 and 2015 models. The interior of the car features styles and technology from both the original and the new such as AM radio, a working touch screen stereo, manual roll up windows as well as vent air windows, just to name a few. The museum display is meant to highlight the importance of patents and intellectual property of Ford that has been making the experience of driving a Mustang a joy over the last fifty years. Visitors to the display will be treated to visual and audio which shines light on many of the patents and innovations that have been made by Ford via the Mustang since its inception in 1965 until today.

The story of patents and intellectual property in the United States is long and illustrious and this one-of-a-kind Mustang is sure to drive this point home and enlighten those of us who have never given much thought to the importance of patents on our culture. Many of the standard features which we have come to take for granted in modern vehicles, were at one time, cutting edge technology developed by Ford. It is for these innovations and the iconic status of the Mustang that the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum sought out Ford which is quite an honor and speaks volumes about the impact that Mustangs and their amenities have had on drivers and now that the pony car is sold in 150 countries across the world, many more will have an opportunity to enjoy what Americans have cherished for half a century.

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4/9/2017 2:43 AM

This looks strangely similar to my driver training car ... let's see... that was way back in 1970... or was it '72?

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