Is Ford Mustang King of Cars? (We think so)

Is Ford Mustang King of Cars? (We think so)

Sales numbers, new international markets and the possibility of what’s next, make the Ford Mustang one of the most popular cars on the road today, both in America and now globally.

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Ford Mustang has done it again. While sales of the Chevy Camaro and Dodge muscle car family are steady, the numbers don’t lie and once again Mustang has proven it is the most beloved car in America.

But with eye popping figures showing the Mustang outselling the German made Porsche in its country of origin and popularity in other European nations such as the U.K and the launch of the pony car in India, it is possible that this American icon could soon be the most cherished car on the planet.

30 years ago, in the movie “Back to the Future”, film makers gave us a vision of a world where cars would fly and run on banana peels and aluminum cans and while that may or may not have seemed plausible at the time, it is doubtful that anyone could have predicted that 30 years later, the Ford Mustang would sit atop the throne as the king of the sports/muscle car world. The combination of stylishly aggressive looks, cutting edge technology and hair raising engine prowess helps. Also, don’t underestimate the subconscious effect of seeing a Mustang in a ton of movies and television shows (some featured and others in the background) as a major reason this particular vehicle is still doing so well after all these decades.

Don’t look for any drop off in Mustang sales any time soon either. Rumors are already circulating that next year Ford will bring back the super popular Mach 1, which features the base of a Mustang GT and a V8 5 litre engine. If the sales figures from the first Mach 1, rolled out in 1969, is any indication, the popularity of the Mustang should see an increase or at the very least hold steady.

It is an exciting time for Ford Mustang fans and owners and In Search of Mustangs is looking forward to watching what happens next in the illustrious history of this American made masterpiece.

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