New Show Goliath Gets Rough with Billy Bob Thornton’s Ford Mustang

New Show Goliath Gets Rough with Billy Bob Thornton’s Ford Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang convertible plays a vital role in the newest series from Amazon

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3.6 has recently released a new series in bulk entitled Goliath, starring Billy Bob Thornton as a drunken, “down on his luck” lawyer taking on a United States defense systems contractor. The thrust of the story is familiar, as the little guy takes on the big, intimidating company who is, seemingly, unbeatable and if you’re a fan of Billy Bob or courtroom dramas then this show could be for you Thornton’s character, while a touch vulgar and self-destructive, is likable and he has fine taste in cars since he drives a Ford Mustang.

The Candyapple Red 1966 convertible seems, at times, to be another character in the show and is the focus of several scenes. This only spells trouble for the car whose pretend owner is up against a group of people who routinely commit crimes in order to protect themselves from litigation and expensive insurance claims. At one point in the show the Mustang’s Standard Black interior and hood are covered in fish heads and guts and later suffers a smashed windshield, gets in a fender bender and has its’ maximum weight capacity put to the text when the cab is loaded with a somewhat eclectic group of individuals. While the Mustang is perpetually dirty for the duration of the show and is never seen in its optimum state, we did notice a few interesting, if not confusing options on this car. While the Visibility Group for this model came with a Remote LH mirror, Two Speed Wiper and Day/Night Mirror, the Mustang featured in the show has the Day/Night Mirror but not the LH remote mirror which means this option was changed at some point. A very minute detail for many people, but peculiar nonetheless to the avid Mustang enthusiast. Also notable is the fact that the Mustang driven by the man who gave us Slingblade, has a dual exhaust but lacks the V-8 tags on the fenders.

In Goliath we again see how pervasive Ford Mustangs are in American television and cinema, whether in the background or, in this case, front and center as one of the main characters. We would love to know what else you find interesting about this, or any other Mustang we may have discussed on our site and thank you for taking the time to visit In Search of Mustangs.

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