IN HIDING - Original Bullitt Mustang

IN HIDING - Original Bullitt Mustang

There were 2 GT Fastbacks used in the movie in 1968. One of them has been found...sort of...

Author: Bo Durban/Sunday, September 16, 2012/Categories: Most Wanted

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One of the most elusive Mustangs on the ISOM Most Wanted list is the Bullitt! The current owner has been located, but not identified. He wants to remain anonymous. The owner is keeping the car in storage and has no interest in revealing its location or even displaying the car. The owner has documentation to back up his claim and Mustang enthusiast Dave Kunz was sent pictures of the car. Based on the physical evidence, including modifications made to the car for filming equipment, plus the VIN, it would seem consistent with the known facts about the car. Making a strong case that this the real deal!

The other car used in the movie is presumed scrapped. It took an excessive beating during the filming and probably had no value to the movie studio after filming was completed.

Brad Bowling, former editor for Mustang Times, has spoken with the owner. He wrote a great story about it.

Dave Kunz, considered the Bullitt guru, wrote an article about the photo's he recieved of the Bullitt

If you have any additional information about this iconic Mustang, let us know!

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2 comments on article "IN HIDING - Original Bullitt Mustang"



12/23/2012 5:20 PM

I've got the name of the owner and I've been in touch with one of the relatives for a few years in the past. I can fully understand the owners viewpoint.

I think it is worth to maintan the myth around that car as long as all Bullitt enthusiasts can do hiding it away...rather than to show it around in museums or at shows.

Anybody has an interest in the original 71 Mustang from Gone in 60 seconds? No, it has lost its value, because it is visible for all and any time.



1/15/2016 11:17 AM

Belongs in the Mustang Museum.....

This iconic 2+2 in an American legion, with no arguments.

I would ask the owners to reconsider their protection views of the car. Owners, please choice a trusted Mustang Club to get support in your donation of the Bullitt.

Regards, ceagle (Army Veteran)

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