Use this form to add a Mustang to the database. We are primarily looking for Data Plate information, plus any other original production information about the Mustang: Window Sticker, Buck Tag, Build Sheet, Original Invoice, etc...

We would also like to know the current location and general condition of the car. The owner information is optional and will remain private. We only use this information to contact the owner if we need more information about the Mustang or we have information we think would be useful or interesting to the owner

Pictures of the car add a nice touch. We are especially interested in period photos (pictures taken when the car was new or almost new). You are welcome to submit as many photos of the car as you like. Use the "Other Documents" option to ZIP multiple pictures into a single upload.

We are developing a point system to award members who contribute information to the database. You will be able to redeem these points for gifts and discount coupons from participating companies. The more data, information, documents and pictures you provide on a Mustang, the more points you can earn.

If you would like to register multiple vehicles, use our Bulk Register page to upload a database or Excel spreadsheet of your data. You will earn points for each vehicle you register as well as any original document, images or scans you provide to the database.

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